Irish Road Bowling

I think that life has hit an all time new low as I find that in West Virginia, there is the West Virginia Irish Road Bowling Association.
Needless to say, it sounds kind of cool, but what surprises me is that in West Virginia they use actual roads and highways for this event. I wonder if we should start a Northern Virginia Irish Road Bowling club. Something tells me that we wouldn’t be quite as successful as our colleagues and brothers in West Virginia, at least not just at first.

[Listening to: Almost Too Late – Bleach – Again, For The First Time (2:09)]

2 thoughts on “Irish Road Bowling

  1. Yup, ya’ll should be doing that kinda thang down in the northern parts of Virginny.

    Nerd… We don’t do hillbilly things in NoVA. That’s why we’re called _Northern_ Virginia, because we are smarter than that. 😀

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