Fair Use…

Now, I do have to say that it irritates me when someone says that they have 30 gigabytes of music, of which they have paid nothing for. “It’s free they say.” I say, be responsible and pay for the music you own. However, the RIAA has crossed the line with regard to Fair Use. In a recent filing, they state that it’s unlawful to rip a CD that you own and place it on your iPod. So what is legal then? Check the below link out for more information.



2 thoughts on “Fair Use…

  1. Sometimes I get scared at the fact that I have ~25GB of music, 90% of which I DID pay for! Well, a few gigs of it are Julie’s CDs, but nevertheless!

  2. Derek,

    Yeah, I agree with you. When I read that last night I was flabber gasted and was thinking to myself, “So for each different medium we wish to play something on, we have to purchase an edition specifically for that?” If that’s the case, then they’ll have to start doing something for cross platform software.


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