Only in Washington State

Only in Washington State would someone go as far to prank a local landmark. Apparently in the City of Sequim, Washington, a local sculpture of an elk received a prank addition to its profile as reported in the Peninsula Daily News on Friday, January 13.
Apparently there are a few elk sculptures that greet visitors when they enter the city limit. One of which received a 2.5 foot long male apendage. I do have to chuckle just a little bit in hearing about this, mostly because it sounds like a college prank that a frat brother was talked into. Granted, I also think that I’d be blushing when I saw it wondering what the little old lady was thinking that saw it.
It’s some what reminiscient of what I saw this past summer when I was on holiday with the fam down in the outer banks of North Carolina. Click here to see what I’m talking about. Poor R/C Movies got pranked 🙂

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