Google Local and Google Talk on the Blackberry

Well, it would seem that I have dodged yet another technology bullet. Google seems to have released Google Local for mobile. You can download it to your cell phone, and now recently they’ve added the ability to have it on your BlackBerry. Fortunately for me, my BlackBerry is not on the list which means that I still just get to use the regular Google Local interface that is available in mobile mode. But wait, I decided to go to the site through the browser that is included on the 7250 and look at that, it sees my BlackBerry as a 7290 and installs and operates without a hitch. Rock on!
For more information about the future of this venture, check out the article on ZDNET – BlackBerry gets Google-ized. Looks like when Google Talk comes out, I’ll truly be able to move and groove and still collaborate with colleagues and friends. Better yet, think how cool it would be if the Google Talk client will be able to offer the Voice over IP offering that the current client does.


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