China map lays claim to Americas…time to move I guess

Apparently a map made in 1418 that was discovered recently and purchased in 2001 from a Shanghai dealer by a Chinese lawyer and collector shows North and South America clearly marked, as well as the “Old Country”. The map itself is quite cool and can be seen with the BBC article here.
Needless to say, if it is true that the Chinese discovered America before Columbus and Vespucci, why is it that we have not seen more of the Chinese culture in the indigenous native Americans? I suppose perhaps a small group of frontiersmen and explorers like Lewis and Clark could have canvased the world and reported their findings back over a period of time. Needless to say it is quite interesting the artifacts that show how different cultures have been here. Surprisingly they left little or no markings to show that they had been there… unlike Kilroy.


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