E-mail fun…

Solving an e-mail problem at a large US corporation involves dealing with 4 departments by ZDNet‘s ZDNet Research — Zenprise surveyed IT managers, IT directors and system administrators employed in companies with 4,500 or more employees. For a company of 5000 employees, the average cost of email downtime is over $500,000 annually in lost productivity alone. Troubleshooting email problems is estimated at over $1,000,000 annually. The average time spent solving an email problem […]

I found the above over on ZD Net and I have to say that whenever I log into the corporate network through the VPN over the weekends while maintenance is going on, it can definitely be a let down when you try to fire up the corportate messaging program and you can’t find the presence of anyone because the servers the messaging infrastructure is located on is offline for replication maintenance since they’re connected to other systems. Too bad that more systems aren’t virtualized to make for better replication processes. Of course virtualizing something that has quite a bit of disk i/o can lead to some interesting response and availability metrics. What is the perfect system? SAN, NAS, DAS, virtualized systems?


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