So a good friend of mine who I shall refer to merely by the letter J suggested the book “Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernof. Needless to say having read just the preface I am blown away. So quickly we forget the roots of the country that we live in and enjoy such incredible liberties, rights and privileges. I suppose that my AP History and AP Government courses in high school prepared me for this great biography of Hamilton, but to say the least, with the little that I’ve read so far, the picture that is woven is astounding. Perhaps its just from having aged ten years and my eyes being a little more focused and able to handle such incredible knowledge, but seriously, I’m glued. Thanks J 😛
Here’s a little snippet of the preface that really just puts things into perspective about this great country in which we live.

It is an auspicious time to rexamine the life of Hamilton, who was the prophetof the capitalist revolution in America. If Jefferson enunciated the more ample view of political democracy, Hamilton possessd the finer sense of economic opportunity. He was the messenger from the future that we now inhabit. We have left behind the rosy agrarian rhetoric and slaveholding reality of Jeffersonian democracy and reside in the bustling world of trade, industry, stock markets, and banks that Hamilton envisioned.


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