Fly to the moon in minutes…

It’s nice when people say, “Hey Dan, I think that this article is pretty cool, you should write something about it.” Well, since apparently a certain cool gal that I know decided to suggest I thought that I would take her advice and it turns out, she was right, very cool article.
In this article from the Online Sun, there’s news that the US Military is beginning to look into science fiction inspired technologies for transportation. The idea that they propose, which isn’t necessarily a new one, deals with the idea of inducing a large magnetic field that to the best of my intepretation would allow them to “fold” themselves through space and time, arriving at another point in the space time continuum, allowing them to slide faster than theoretically possible (i.e. they should melt :-)). So, according to this article, the US Military is hoping to have something operational soon that will allow them to travel to and from the moon in mere minutes (granted, if they were going to Moon, PA, it would be mere seconds) or to places such as Mars in a few hours rather than a few years. I’m curious as to how complex their destination solutions have to be to be precise that they would arrive at the location that they are intending to go to. And what then once you’re there, how does one get back? Nonetheless, thoughts? concerns?

More information? – The Scotsman – Welcome to Mars express: only a three hour trip

[Listening to: Aural Pleasure – Blackalicious – Blazing Arrow (4:47)]

One thought on “Fly to the moon in minutes…

  1. Mmmm, using the Dark Side of the Force I see… –said in Greg’s best impersonation of Yoda

    And the stuffenazen I read about it mentioned something like needing to redefine our paradigm of dimensions to 6 or 8, and not just …

    *Folds through time to make it to the toilet in time and then folds back*

    … the regular 4 (3 positional and 1 time), in order to make it work. Talk about the possibility of redefining physics… Oh well, it’s probably just another flash-in-the-pan theory.

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