Small Cars… very very small cars. Micro Machines…

So talking with J this afternoon about small cars in Europe, and thought I’d share a little bit of the findings on the Internet (thanks Al for all the memories from your invention…). First off, I don’t know if any of these are under any sort of creative commons licenses or copyright, so if they’re yours and you want them off this site, just post a comment and it will be removed immediately.

Nevertheless, we started off wondering about the smallest cars that are out there. J mentioned that there were cars smaller than Mini Coopers are. I didn’t doubt her considering I had been to England as a youth (sometime between 1983-1988). So for starters, we present you with this picture from England:

To say the least, it’s pretty small, however it seems odd that the steering wheel would be on the left side since most Brit cars have the steering wheel on the right side.

Next was a car that we can’t really tell what it is, but it would seem that it has Audi rims on it. One big gust of wind and I think this car is a goner, top heavy and all, woosh, we’re airborne.

I think what makes me chuckle the most about this is that it’s in a rugged terrain or at least that’s what the background would present itself to be. I suppose that it’s a good thing that if it were to flip over because of a nasty gust of wind that you’d be able to flip it back over 🙂

Next up was doing a quick Google Images search for the smallest police car which turned up this…

But wait, there’s more. There’s even smaller than that. And yes, apparently these are street legal – how I’m not sure.

It definitely reminds of the Flintstones, most likely foot powered…

Ahhh, but what about those times where you get pulled over and hauled off to the Police station? Click here for the smallest police station 🙂 Only Florida could do this… [though apparently there are others that are similar]

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