400 vehicles torched in New Year’s Eve celebrations in France

This morning I awake to a new year, 2006. Happy New Year!

Nonetheless, I hopped over to CNN.com in a normal every day ritual only to chuckle and laugh and shake my head in dismay regarding seeing that in overnight celebrations 425 (approximately) cars were torched in “scattered NYE unrest“. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a slam on France, but one would think that if this is a reoccuring problem, (333 cars were burned last year), even with 25,000 police on alert for the holiday that they might be able to tame the crowds.

I digress in commenting that it is a sad state of affairs that people would cause this distruction, regardless of where it is (ala LA Riots, Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup, etc.).

Listening to XM Radio 7, the 70’s – The Carpenters


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