Firefox Ad that’s Hilarious

So I have to admit that the last reference to using protection was when Homer Simpson was handed a switchblade. . . nevertheless, I thought that this ad from Firefox about Protection was pretty funny too.

Firefox – Use Protection


Pam Beesly Quotes

For those of you wishing that you had taken the time to write down the 7 voice messages that Pam left for Jim this past week, look no further, they’re here. Thanks to Heather for her help in deciphering number 3.

1 – Hey Jim it’s Pam, I keep looking up to say something to you and then Michael’s there, it’s horrible. Anyway, I’m bored, come back.

2 – Hey guess what, I moved my computer so I can’t see Michael’s head. It’s working, I think I could have a career as a very specific type of decorator.

3 – Suduko: level moderate, 18 minutes. Suck on that, Halpert.

4 – I’ll transfer you. Dunder Mifflin this is Pam, hold please. Dunder Mifflin this is… okay sorry Michael was standing at my desk and I needed to be busy or who knows what would have happened, so thank you.

5 – Hey what’s that word we made up for when you have a thing stuck in your shoe? Anyway, I have a thing stuck in my shoe.

6 – Hey, I have a chance to sneak out of here early and I’m not messing this up so I’ll seeya tomorrow.

7 – Calling from my cell phone, I don’t know if you guys figured out who did that to Michael’s carpet yet, but I have a theory that involves an interdepartmental conspiracy, everybody in the office. We need to talk.

Music Review: Matisyahu

So I’ve been a subscriber of XM Radio for almost a month now and one of the stations I listen to is Ethel radio which describes itself as Alternative. Occassionally they’ll play Matisyahu… so from time to time I’d hear the slick guitar slapping and beat box rapping of noneother than Matthew Miller, aka Matiyahu. I’d look down at my Roady XT and I’d see the name Matisyahu. So after a few times hearing him on their play list I decided to check it out on Y! Music of which I am a $5 a month subscriber (gotta love getting in on the ground floor). So I listen to the album and I was blown away. After reading through his biography I can definitely see this man sees that there is a G-d as he would say 🙂 Very cool to see him taking his Raggae Alternative feel and spreading the stories of the Old Testament. Great work out music too (yay for my iPod).
I’d have to say that my favorite song like most people is the hit King without a Crown, but I’m also taken to Beat Box which is stinkin’ sweet. Anyone up for a trip to see Matisyahu Live?

[Listening to: Close My Eyes – Matisyahu – Live At Stubb’s (4:24)]

XBox Racing

Ever find it humorous when you’re driving home late at night, coming home from a friends house and you see two cars pull off to the left side of the road with their emergency blinkers on waiting for the road to clear so that they can race on it. Well, this is somewhat similar, but I’m curious why they didn’t show the cabins of the planes… 😉

X Box Racing – 747 Style

[Listening to: Sinner’s Prayer – Ray Charles – Genius Loves Company (4:25)]