The Bard’s Tale

Well, after deciding that I needed some time to let my brain relax, I was able to beat The Bard’s Tale from inXile Entertainment in a mere 17 hours. Granted, this was spread over three days, the majority Sunday evening through Monday morning, but oh, what a feeling to be a kid again and beat a game 🙂
Interestingly enough, the original Bard’s Tale Trilogy was included with the game (occupying a few meg of disk space) and man, I’m amazed that my brother and I used to sit glued to the CGA graphics and the game line that to us was so enthralling.
Not to be a spoiler, but man, the end of this game definitely has a “different” ending than I thought it would have. If you remember this game from Electronic Arts, and spent many an hour playing it, I think you’ll be quite pleased with this “upgrade”. Check it out, $30 is pretty cheap 🙂


One thought on “The Bard’s Tale

  1. Addicted *cough*

    Although I must say that I did the same with Prince of Persia 3D… Also a very fun game if you can find it; I payed $7 for it a few years back at an overstock at MicroCenter.

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