Starbucks Addicts Rejoice

I don’t usually read the Washington Post online as I much prefer to get the news print all over my fingers, enjoying the crisp smell of recycled paper and the feel of the paper’s texture on my finger tips, but I broke down and decided to check this article out dealing with the benefits of caffeinated beverage drinkers to fight off liver disease.

The article basically points out that those people that are drinking two or more cups of coffee or tea a day are reducing the risks of liver cancer dramatically. However I would like to pose the question, “What about those people that get hammered the night before and have tea or coffee the next morning?”

[Listening to: Hermes – Santana – All That I Am (4:08)]

3 thoughts on “Starbucks Addicts Rejoice

  1. Clenches down tightly with my teeth on the belt wrapped around my forearm as I prepare for the Starbucks liquid-crack injection. Reads the post regarding liver disease; feels a burden lifted off my soul… I shall sleep soundly tonight my friend. All is good in the world.

  2. Yeah, what about those of us who get hammered the night before and then drink coffee the next morning? Does it help the throbbing in my thumb go away? I mean, come on, hammers hurt…

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