Well would you look at that…

Well, my buddy Aaron decided to go and be a butthead this morning and remind me of where the Cowboys stood in the division, along with everyone else. All I can say is that Dallas is pretty lucky to have won last night in such a nail biter of a game – props to Mr. Williams for his interception that turned the tide. Any way, check out the evil e-mail I received…

The harassment that I have to deal with 😉

[Listening to: You Are My Joy – David Crowder* Band – A Collision (Bonus Video Version) (5:15)]

2 thoughts on “Well would you look at that…

  1. Internet Exploder is what is wrong with me and with this world. Mozilla got me in first try with no problems. I’m thinking of a wager for an event coming up on Dec 18th. Say a 6 pack to the winner?

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