Well would you look at that…

Well, my buddy Aaron decided to go and be a butthead this morning and remind me of where the Cowboys stood in the division, along with everyone else. All I can say is that Dallas is pretty lucky to have won last night in such a nail biter of a game – props to Mr. Williams for his interception that turned the tide. Any way, check out the evil e-mail I received…

The harassment that I have to deal with 😉

[Listening to: You Are My Joy – David Crowder* Band – A Collision (Bonus Video Version) (5:15)]

David Crowder Band @ GW

So I have to say that since my office has moved out to Herndon that life has been interesting and busy.
Anyway, last Thursday night, I had the pleasure of going to GW University and seeing Robbie Seay Band, Shane and Shane and the David Crowder Band. Can I just tell you how incredible it is to worship with the David Crowder Band? Wow. Totally uplifted. Totally focused on Him. Let’s do it again!!!

Switchfoot or ThirdDay

Well, I got up around quarter of four again today… I have to say that there’s something that’s just so peaceful about getting up and working from home in the wee hours of the morning.

Nevertheless, the new Third Day album Wherever You Are was released today and me being the iTunes junkie went and pulled it down around 4:30.

After one play through the disc I’ll give it three stars, it hasn’t yet started growing on me. Switchfoot’s Nothing is Sound on the other hand has been growing on me like penicillian on a pizza in the TMNT’s Turtle Lair. I attribute this to the electric guitar intro in Stars.

[Listening to: Stars – Switchfoot – Nothing Is Sound (4:20)]