iTunes 5.0.1

We here at the Geek always feel bad when someone isn’t willing to think for themselves and go Googling for a little while before posting a comment or note on a newsgroup, so we thought we’d take a bit of our own medicene. Since taking it, I’ve realized that I sometimes talk in the third person about myself 😉
Seriously though, a little information from MacinChat would reveal that apparently version 5.0.0 had some pretty major issues that included deleting playlists, refusing to transfer music to the iPod purchased from the iTunes music library, etc. For more information, check this out:
Story from MacinChat

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So my question to everyone out there is what really changed between iTunes 5.0 that came out almost two weeks ago and their recent patch update to 5.0.1? Glancing over the EULA it would seem that it has “increased stability improvements” (paraphrased).
Anyone know what they really changed underneath the hood?

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