Strange Behaviour of the iPod Shuffle?

Last week my iPod Shuffle 1 GB went berzerk. For some reason all of a sudden it lost half the songs on the drive and additionally would only play through 8 tracks and then hop back to the first of the 8. When attempting to power it off, it continued playing for a good 10 seconds.

So, I went and plugged it back into my computer this evening (since I’ve had a little down time) and it went and pushed nearly half of the music back onto the Shuffle (wow, where’d it go? how’d it get corrupted?). It seems to be working a little bit better, but for some reason it’s not shuffling when it’s put in shuffle mode. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m thinking it might be time to return it and get a Nano.

[Listening to: Shiver – Maroon 5 – Live – Friday the 13th (4:49)]

One thought on “Strange Behaviour of the iPod Shuffle?

  1. I’ve experienced file lossage on my 30GB iPod Photo. It’s usually from:
    A.) Incorrectly unmounting it when I’m done with a sync
    B.) I think my car stereo hookup (Alpine KC-420i) puts it in a weird state sometimes. Just yesterday, it was displaying the wrong album art for my newest Asia album.

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