Flowing of the Hands

Have you ever typed and noticed the movement of your hands and the way that you approach the keyboard? I sit here and watch my hands move nearly flawlessly as they tickle the ivories, okay, so it’s more like the plastic keyboard that I’ve got here in front of me. It truly does amaze me the way that you can watch someone and the way that they type and get a better since of the type of person that they are. Do they have things in order and are able to glide around the keyboard as though it’s an art? Do they slam their fingers down harshly, letting out their frustration and anger on the keys? Do they sit there and hunt and peck with two fingers, wondering just where the ‘q’ key is (upper left hand corner between the tab key and the ‘w’ on a typical 101 key model…).
I guess you could say that it was something that someone mentioned at dinner this evening and it was something that I just sort of sat and wondered about and now you get to know my thoughts 🙂

[Listening to: A Beautiful Collision – David Crowder Band – A Collison Is Coming – EP (3:37)]

6 thoughts on “Flowing of the Hands

  1. Interesting… I can’t say that I’m that talented, though I was able to shoot a rubberband using my big toe as a leveraging point and my other foot to pull back and release…

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