Pain at the Pump

Well, I’ll admit that I haven’t been the happiest with the political aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, however I do have to say that I’m slightly annoyed with the high prices of gas at the local fueling stations (yes, I’ll call them fueling stations thanks).
So after putting in just under fifteen gallons of gas, I was $50 and change poorer.
Alas, I guess one way to make money for an iPod Nano would be to stop driving, five tanks of gas and I’ve got the money…

[Listening to: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Part 2 of 8 – J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2:37:10)]

4 thoughts on “Pain at the Pump

  1. I’m going to buy my own barrel of oil. I’ll refine it in my bathroom; you’ll see a big flame on my patio from the excess burn-off. It’ll be great; minus the few unexpected industrial accidents…

  2. Dude, that’s 42 gallons of crude… for $65 or so… so after you burn off some amount, somewhere around 10 gallons perhaps using your bathroom 😛 So that means you end up with 32 gallons for $65, so that puts you at about $2 a gallon. Not bad.

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