The Joy of a Holiday

Well, it’s another day in Northern Virginia, another nice holiday to enjoy a day of relaxation.

While most are out at their barbecues and parties I’ve spent today enjoying a pizza from Papa John’s (yum, the works), sipping on Diet Coke (some might argue that Diet Pepsi is better…) and reading through C# coursework.

Yes, it’s always a fun day when you can get up early in the morning (okay so 11 AM isn’t too early) and read and watch a movie and not think about anything else…

What did you do for your day off? Buy any new gadgets? Go somewhere exciting? Learn how to set up Enigmail with Mozilla Thunderbird so that you can sign and encrypt your email?


One thought on “The Joy of a Holiday

  1. I spent the day with Julie, then moved the cable modem and Airport into the utility closet of her townhouse. Then I tried to get my Linux server up and running on the network. I got the default firewall rules taken care of to allow SSH in, but then had to deal with how to set the IP address to static via the command line when it was set up as DHCP at install time.

    Good thing this project is Just For Fun.

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