MT Spam Lookup

After doing a little bit of Googling I came across Brad Choate’s MTSpamLookup plugin for MovableType v.3.1.

The installation of it was a breeze and my hope is that it will cut down on comment spam as well as allow me to use Trackbacks without having to worry about the spam that is typically associated with them. Granted, two years ago when a user over at the The Aardvark gave a synopsis on how Trackbacks work, they weren’t exactly at the place that they’re currently at. Currently on most blogs, spam harvesting engines go out and attempt to include sites in their own blogs even if they have nothing to do with their site topic, thereby raising their page rank in engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Jeremy Zawondny brings this up in his blog, stating that the way he is going to get around this is to just turn TrackBacks off — sadly doing away with the help of being able to link together and associate blogs and sites that have something to do with one another.

Perhaps this plugin will help alleviate the spam, and on a side note, it’s automatically installed as a part of the MT 3.2 distribution that is now available from Six Apart.

[Listening to: Veni Sancte Spiritus – Secuencia (Modo I) – The Benedictine Monks Of Santo Domingo De Silos – Chant – The Anniversary Edition (Disc 1) (2:45)]

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