Lorem Ipsum

Have you ever wondered about those Microsoft sites or documents that are templates that have the “Lorem Ipsum” text? Have you ever needed extra text to sit in your web site so that you’re able to do some work on it without having content to fill things up? Then look no further than Lipsum.com. Pretty cool site that sllows you to generate paragraphs and paragraphs of Latin text filler for all your web development and template development desires.

[Watching: Serendipity]

4 thoughts on “Lorem Ipsum

  1. Just think how annoying that would be if you had to do some research related to that Latin text. You’d get all kinds of CSS and HTML tutorials!

  2. I agree with you that it would be quite a pain, but at the same time kind of funny 🙂

    I know that a few years ago in my signature I had a little ascii bear named Google (he replaced the ascii bear named Yahoo). I used it in Newsgroup postings, it was hilarious because people would get all up in arms about how it was throwing their desktop indexers 🙂

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