Google Talk with Trillian Pro

If you’re like me and you read something from Smash World regarding Google Talk / Jabber Server, then you’re probably wondering, “But how do I connect?”

If you’re looking for information on how to connect using something like AdiumX or gAIM, check out my buddy Chris’s site here.

However, if you’re curious about something like Trillian Pro with Jabber plugin.

First, make sure that you’ve got the download from Trillian. Next go to “Trillian” -> “Connections” -> “Manage Connections”. Choose the Identity that you would like to add the account to by selecting “Add a new connection”. Remember to select the Jabber protocol when adding the account. Put in your e-mail address (full thing, including the “”). Put in your password, and then select “Change”.

Server Host:
Authenticate As: Just your username (not including the

Press Save Settings. Get ready to rock and roll.

If you’d like to use Google Talk, but don’t have a GMail/Google account, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment (

Update @ 11:16 PM ET
Received this message from Google…

“[23:16] The broken link has been fixed. Thanks for being our first users!”

Update @ 12:48 AM ET
Did a little Googling and found this over at Is this the real deal?

[Sparks Fly – David Crowder Band – Illuminate (0:18)]

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