Time to Wipe Away the Controversy

Wi-Fi Speed Spray Dramatically Increase Data Throughput

So I saw this on a blog that I read on a regular basis and I was astounded to think that someone would actually try to make a buck off of those that aren’t quite as well educated as the rest of us. Don’t get me wrong, I do know that there are solutions which you can spray on say metal objects which will clear them of negative electrical charge, but something like this where you spray a solution (which for all you know is toilet water with 2000 flushes mixed in) into the air just makes me wonder how gullable people are.
Thinking from a physics perspective, a saturation of the mist sprayed from the bottle would then cause most people to cough and choke, depending on the molecular and chemical make up of the spray. If though the fluid were able to somehow hover in the air in which the system of transmitter and receivers was located it would either cause more interference or could act as water does, conducting electricity between two metal rods with opposite polarizations. This hypothesis is highly unlikely though as it would also mean that electricity would have a good chance of arcing through the fluid as well. Something that would be highly interesting though is if one was able to make said molecules hover in the air and then find their frequencies and harmonics of oscillation, attempting to make the air itself shake.

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