Hard Drive Crash

So Friday night, I downloaded a plugin for the Google Desktop Search that was supposed to go through my harddrives and search for all images, make thumbnails and make them searchable. Now sure, you’re probably thinking, why not just use Picasa for all images. And you’re right, I should probably just use that in the future, but I got giddy and wanted to test this out.
Please note that the plugin for GDS was in Beta.
So I came back upstairs after watching The Italian Job and my computer was frozen. I eventually was able to get control back but it seemed to be giving me cacheing errors related to my D: (the secondary drive, 160GB with a bunch of images and documents and what not on it).
So I rebooted, alas, it had all sorts of file record errors. I wouldn’t let it go any further, brought the computer up in safe mode and it would seem that Windows no longer recognizes the drive. Not good.
So course of action — ordering a duplicate harddrive of what I have for my master harddrive, actually ordering two of them, creating a raid 1 array on them and using that strictly as a data set for the purposes of proctection. Ordering a pair of Hitachi 160GB ATA150 SATA drives from NewEgg.com and hopefully will be able to install them this coming weekend. Additionally I’m ordering a SATA drive enclosure in hopes that I can still salvage some of the data off the D drive.
Anyone else ever have a problem like this?

[Listening to: Show Me Love – Building 429 – Space In Between Us (3:41)]

3 thoughts on “Hard Drive Crash

  1. Listen to the drive while it’s powered up and running – if it clicks alot you’ve got a bad head. But you probably knew that already. One thing I found works is to bang the drive against your desk. Make sure you hit it on the side, not the top or bottom. Our tech guy where I work did that to my laptop drive and it worked long enough for me to back up all of my data.

    If that doesn’t work, you’ll probably have to fork over a few hundred bucks for data recovery service.

  2. I have heard that hitting a hard drive on the side also provides a moment of operation for sick hard drives. Ever since I had a 60 GB 7200 RPM Maxtor drive eventually crash (I knew it was going bad so I bought an 80 GB 5400 RPM drive to back up the data) I am almost religous about having 2-3 backups of my data. That and the things we’ve gone through with crashing hard drives and broken RAID arrays at work… you can never be to careful. ~~~ Paranoid, I am ~~~

  3. I heard if you pee on your hard drive in the shower it will…. oh wait… never mind, that’s supposed to work for athlete’s foot. My bad….

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