Healthcare and Chip Implants

Red Nova ran an article a few days ago pertaining to the use of RFID implants being placed in patients at hospitals to be able to keep track of their medical information. I find this some what disturbing as well as unnerving that it might be forced upon the entire population through health care reform or perhaps a corporations hope to save money.
With the introduction of previous legislature to move more and more information pertaining to patients to the online, keeping records digitally rather than create a paper trail for a patient, it would seem that this would fit right into line. It is touted as a way to keep patients from receiving incorrect medications, implanting it in their arm so that a nurse can double check to make sure it’s the right patient thereby alleviating the risk of malpractice suits. Additionally they see it as a way to identify bodies that are unidentifiably by any other means.
The problem with all of this is that you can’t typically get one of these devices out of your body after it’s already been implanted. It is possible to over activate one, but the RFID is still a marker residing under the skin that could still be traceable by other means. An RFID tag is activated when it crosses into the flux of an electromagentic field, thereby turning it on and allowing it to be read by the RFID tag reader which reads the signature of the tag and then looks it up in a database, retrieving information pertaining to that tag.
How is it that we are to know that the information in the “secure” network has not been tampered with?
I guess my gut feeling is that no thanks, I would rather take my risks with the paper trail than have something in me that tells doctors (and who ever else happens to be scanning) who I am.

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