Bruce Campbell in Tornado!

Last night before heading over to a friend’s house for a game of Settlers of Catan, I was watching something (also known as Dante’s Peak) on Sci-Fi. During a commercial break they made mention of a movie called “Tornado!“. So I set the DVR up to record it and headed out the door knowing that I could squeeze in a viewing of it sometime Sunday afternoon.
The premise of the movie was that tornados, droughts, floods and hurricanes are all getting stronger due to global warming. It’s not that I don’t deny that this could be true, however it would seem that this movie which is from 1996 is starting to get noteriety perhaps riding on the coattails of the movie, “The Day After Tomorrow” in which global warming of the polar icecaps causes all sorts of havoc in a short period of time (a few hours).
I suppose the main draw to the movie was the fact that Bruce Campbell (better known to most as Ash from AoD) was starring in one of the lead roles. I guess once a Brisco County Jr. fan, always a Brisco County… wait, I mean Bruce Campbell. He’s still not much for a romantic (I still hear him saying, “Gimme some sugar baby”), however he is placed against Shannon Sturges (who apparently has no picture on
Overall, decent movie, could have used Bruce with a shotgun, pointing it at the tornado as it came closer. Could have used a little more chemistry between Bruce and Shannon. Honestly, though it was during my senior year of highschool, I don’t remember this movie in the theatres and figure that it was either a short release, a straight to DVD release or something in a film festival. Perhaps AoD 2 will be coming out sometime soon 🙂 Needless to say it’s already been deleted from the DVR…

[Listening to: Overjoyed – Jars Of Clay – “Acoustic” Furthermore (3:40)]

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