Divorce… A Growing Problem in America amongst corporations

From the title I’m sure that most people will wonder why this is filed under “Geek Stuff”. Additionally they wonder why I mention corporations. Am I referring to those couples that meet on a project, fall deeply in love with one another because their envious of one another’s skills only to find that their namespaces and classes can’t co-exist in the same domain? Nope, actually I’m referring to Apple and HP going their own separate ways.
Their marriage was consumated sometime in late 2003 / early 2004 and from the point of view of the media, this meant that the iPod would be around forever (Business Week Jan 14, 2004).
But like every relationship there were trials and tribulations. As it all ends up, a year and a half later they’re going their separate ways (BetaNews July 29, 2005). According to Slashdot it would seem that Apple will take custody of the iPod, HP is given no visitation rights.

1985 – Bowling for Soup – 1985 [3:45]

One thought on “Divorce… A Growing Problem in America amongst corporations

  1. I still don’t know why HP thought it would be such a good idea to market iPods. Everyone knows most people who buy them are just trying to be cool*. HP doesn’t strike me as a ‘cool’ company. It’s funny to see all the different people on the Metro sporting iPods. I think I was the only one without some sort of hip carrying case and crappy Apple earbuds.

    *I bought my iPod(s) because
    (a) Apple makes good stuff, if I’m going to buy an MP3 player, they’re my best bet
    (b) They integrate wonderfully with my existing Mac hardware
    (c) They have some great features – size, games, notes (bible in my pocket), podcast integration, etc.
    (d) I can download pictures from my camera onto the ‘Pod

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