Programming in C#

Four years ago when I was graduating from the University of Virginia, I would have never imagined that I would be learning C#. The reason for this mostly being that while in college I was learning open source web development in PHP and Physics, as well as some UNIX and network systems administration. I think it’s funny that the name is C-Sharp (not C-pound as many have called it) mostly because those that don’t know music call it C-pound (as just mentioned) which leads me to think that they therefore think it’s super powerful. I’m glad that Microsoft was somewhat optimistic when naming C# for the reason that if it was going to be a dismal language they could have named it C-flat (Cb).
Needless to say it’s been interesting and I can definitely say that after learning C, C++, and Java a few years back, learning C# has been relatively easy. So what’s my suggestion you ask? Well, I like Jesse Liberty’s Learning C# as well as Programming C# and last but not least a book that he co-authored with Dan Hurwitz, Programming ASP.NET. I have yet to get my fingers on a copy of Alex Ferrara and Matthew MacDonald’s Programming .NET Web Services.
Now, you might be wondering why my sudden aversion to C#, call it technical training of sorts 🙂 Additionally it’s very interesting to see how one can build custom components and what not that can be integrated into other Microsoft Software.
Trust me, I still love working in PHP (mmm, C like programming) and developing database schemas for MySQL.
Last but not least, back to my open source roots I should mention Mono, which is the open source framework that is capable of running .NET code on open source platforms — Java finally has some competition on Linux. Very cool project, for more check this out for more about the project over at or to read a Developer’s guide on Mono, click here.

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