Introducing Technology to Church

In a day and age (wow that sounds so cliche’) where people are more likely to have an MP3 player (or AAC or WMA) in their coat or jacket pocket while they’re working out, or commuting to work or while they’re at work I’ve found it interesting that more organizations a religious nature haven’t started bridging the gap. I know for the longest time many organizations would make tapes of sermons and mail them to people, the only cost being that of shipping. These days with the Internet and church’s presence on the Internet, one would think that they would go out of their way to make it easy for people to download sermons to listen to while they travel.
About two years ago, two colleagues and I built out a fairly dynamic web site from scratch. As a part of this site there is an audio section that is updated weekly through a database interface where meta data is input into the database describing the talk, which in turn is used in the generation of a page for users to download talks.
With the introduction of iTunes 4.9 which has support for Podcasts, I took it upon myself to create an RSS feed, encapsulating this meta data into a feed that people could subscribe to in Bloglines. Going a step further, I registered it in the iTunes PodCast directory to give it greater visibility and to make it easier for persons to sync up their iPod with the talks (rather than having to drag and drop them into iTunes, they just subscribe to the feed and it automatically pulls them down as they show up).
So what does all of this mean? It means that people merely go into iTunes, subscribe to the Venture feed or add it to their Bloglines subscription and pull down new talks as they present themselves, making it even easier for them. I know that there are some people that have daily subscriptions that are published over night and they typically leave their iPod connected overnight allowing them to have new content to listen to the following day. Hopefully sometime soon, we too will be able to provide content that is edifying to build up Christians in their every day lives.
Anyone seeing this as a good way to reach the lost?

[Listening to: Sun (Acoustic) – Mae – Destination: B-Sides (5:22)]

4 thoughts on “Introducing Technology to Church

  1. It may be a good way to reach the lost, but they have to be looking/curious in the first place for it to be effective in exposing them to the Word. It isn’t an end-all cure for the church not bridging the gap.

  2. With regard to Greg, I would say that it’s a step in the right direction, allowing people to at least get more out of their iPod 🙂 As for Aaron, many thanks, now if only I could find that Kodiak…

  3. There is so much more to be said on the subject, my brother… Why not write an article!!! that fairly dynamic website still needs current content!!

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