Talk Like A Pirate Day 2005

Okay, so I’m not going to speculate as to what I do for work or who I work for, but the people on my hall are quite the jokers I must admit. For instance every so often I can hear four or five guys talking like pirates. It’s hilarious. Seriously, you’d think, “Ummm, I thought we were professionals around here?” But hey, we’re allowed to have fun too right? 🙂 So my former officemate and I typically trade pirate jokes which of course we share with those on the hall that we refer to as “the pirates.”
Well, she found this site which, sure it might be publicity for Dave Barry, columnist of the Miami Herald, but seriously it’s pretty funny. Which brings up the question…
What are you going to do for Talk Like a Pirate Day 2005?
It’s coming up quickly, September 19 is the day that you too can speak like a pirate and wear that pegleg of yours to work…okay so maybe wearing the pegleg wouldn’t be advisable. No one said you had to be that crazy in how you celebrate either (click here to see how people have celebrated in the past). I mean, for instance, do we really think that these two ladies from Greenville, South Carolina look all that ridiculous and foreboding? I think not.
So I think for me, I’m going to be sporting an eye patch and if anyone askes, I’ll let them know as I whip me hook through air, slicing the silence… Dyarrrrrh! 🙂

[Listening to: Acoustic No. 3 – The Goo Goo Dolls – Dizzy Up the Girl (1:56)]

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