Starbucks GreenTea Frappucino

Well, StarBucks is at it again with the advertising blitz of e-mails and you know what, this one is actually very tempting. You see, I’m a big fan of Green Tea and seeing that they have a Green Tea Frappucino now, I think I might just be in love 🙂 But, I’ve yet to have one yet, so I’m asking you all for your advice and also just to find out what your thoughts on them are… are they delicious and tasty?

[Listening to: No One Like You (Thanksgiving Mix) – David Crowder Band – Sunsets & Sushi (Experiments In Spectral Deconstruction) (4:24)]

3 thoughts on “Starbucks GreenTea Frappucino

  1. Hi Dan! Thanks for leaving a comment on our site. I figured the least I could do was return the favor 🙂 But really, mmm, green tea frapuccino! Thanks for giving me the heads up. I wonder if it comes in decaf?

  2. Katie–

    I would definitely hope that it comes in a decaffeinated state as I don’t think that I’ll be able to thwart the coming addiction 😉 If it’s as good as they make it out to be I think that I’m going to be having two to five of them per day 🙂

  3. Those colors don’t look very good… I mean, one looks like stuff that comes out of your body and the other looks like stuff that comes out of your body when you’re really sick and have no more food in your stomach. Yum, cheers to you! 😛

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