DHCP For Idiots

DHCP Problems seem to be quite the havoc inciter for Tyler Brown of Canada. Now, no offense to the young man, but honestly, has this guy ever checked to see if a) he can assign a static IP, and once doing so, ping his own IP or loopback ( to see if the TCP/IP stack is even initializing. Secondly, whever I reinstall an OS, it usually takes time, not something that I just do on a whim — knowing that why didn’t this kid think to check the hardware. Did he have a link light between the router and the NIC? Did he check cables? Try another one perhaps? Thoughts anyone?
Oh and the other thing, if he’s smart enough to know about Channel 9 how come he’s not quite intelligent enough to Google for the 169.x.x.x address space and realize that it was an address that typically meant that the adapter wasn’t in working order or that the TCP/IP stack wasn’t properly initialized. Come on guy, grow a brain synapse… have some thought…

[Listening to: Perfect – Guster – Goldfly]

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