Get Cosi, or actually… Get Out

So last night I had a blast hanging out with my partner in crime for the summer, my cousin Anna, until of course we were asked to leave Cosi’s in Old Town Alexandria. Now, I’ll admit, it’s always nice to hang out and what not while you’re having Oreo Smores and Diet Coke and hanging out with a good friend (heck she’s family, she’s better than good), but at quarter past midnight when a waiter (who isn’t even the server assigned to your table) comes over and says, “It’s passed midnight which means we’re closed, so that means you need to leave now.”
Needless, to say Anna and I just sort of sat there slightly stunned wondering what the heck was going on. The next minute our server comes back and whisks away what was left of the Smores (luckily I’d already gotten Anna to wrap up the left over chocolate and Oreo cookies). Can we say rude? Cosi’s in Old Town used to be a favorite. Not anymore :-

Here’s the e-mail that I’m sending to them:
Talk to Us: I realize that closing time is midnight at Cosi’s in Old Town Alexandria, however as a paying customer that was enjoying the atmosphere and enjoying conversation with my cousin who was with me, it’s somewhat rude to have your employees basically start telling people to leave at quarter past midnight, whisking away whatever is on the tables. Needless to say, my cousin and I were definitely offended by this and I’m debating whether or not to ever return to Cosi in Old Town. Again, I realize that sure it was past closing time, but at any other restaurant or cafe that I’ve been to, that usually just means that they’re no longer letting people into the establishment.
Do you have any suggestions or ideas that can help us better serve you? Nothing really comes to mind, still slightly offended.

I’ll be sure to post back whatever I receive from them. This really is ridiculous for such an establishment that’s supposed to be the cafe that everyone wants to go hang out at.

[Listening to: Lebanese Blonde – Thievery Corporation – Garden State (4:46)]

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