2gb and 4gb iPod Shuffles on the way?

Reading through an Engadget posting this morning from a few days ago (yeah, I know I’m not a zero-day poster ;-)) regarding the 2gb and 4gb iPod Shuffles that are rumored to come out soon, I must say that I’m amazed at the way that a) we’re able to squeeze more and more memory onto the USB key drives and b) that Apple would release these as soon as Engadget and T3.com seem to think that they’ll be coming out. I purchased an iPod Shuffle 1GB back when they first came out, finding it in a CompUSA by random chance when walking around with one of my housemates. I was quite pleased with it and take it with me here and there and everywhere for the most part. I think that the advantage that will exist in having a 2GB or 4GB iPod Shuffle is that it will allow the end user to use it for data as well. Currently mine is stock full of songs (about 260) which ends up being about 780 minutes of music or somewhere around 13 hours of music — more than a work days worth.
So for all of you thinking about going and getting an iPod Shuffle right away, I plead with you to wait a little bit longer so that you’re able to get something that provides a better utilization of money. Additionally if you’re just looking for something as a storage device, check out BusLink’s USB 2 Flash Drive Pro 2 line which even has an 8GB drive available for a mere $999 or Lexar’s JumpDrive Lightning line which has a 2GB capacity, but some of the fastest IO access speeds around, that and they just look cool.

[Listening to: Cowboy Take Me Away – Dixie Chicks – Fly (4:51)]

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