MSN Desktop Search vs. WinFS, etc.

So I’m reading through the Blogs this evening and I come across one from the folks at Channel 9 and I scratch my head in wonderment as to one discussion regarding WinFS, MSN Desktop Search and Windows Search. I guess I think it’s funny that they think that they have the best product out there. As for me I’m switching back to the Google Desktop Search, even though some people might think that Google Desktop Search is hackable. I was using Copernic for a couple of months but havent found it to be all that much better, though I can see if I were using the professional agent edition that it would definitely rock. Besides there’s a plugin development community that is starting to put together some pretty cool plugins together. My personal favorites would have to be TweakGDS and iFilter GDS Plugin.

[Listening to: Let Go – Frou Frou – Garden State (4:12)]

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