FIOS vs. Cox Cable

According to a blog article on CNet that can be read here, Adelphia is going to be increasing their speeds to up to 16 megabits of data for users. I find it interesting that Cox also says, “Hey, we did that back in May.” I would like to say that as a Cox customer we didn’t see this increase until June 26 and I don’t think that it was something that only affected us (Alexandria) as friends out in Vienna also saw the same increase on June 26. A few days earlier though we had the FIOS 5/2 plan installed. Running speedtests that are from the Internet 2 network of speed testing services that push up to 100 megabits and sometimes a gigabit of data to users so that they’re able to test their speed, it would seem that the Cox offering varies from 10mbps up to 17 mbps depending on the load of the network in the area. FIOS on the other hand has been a steady 5.25mbps regardless of time or day. We’re looking to increase to the 15mbps/2mbps offering from FIOS, looking to see it kick Cox’s butt.
Anyone else have similar experiences?

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