What the heck is wrong with this place?

So, I left work around 4:45 this afternoon and got to Home Depot around 5:30. Sure, I’ll admit, it stinks that it takes 45 minutes to go about 10 miles — this really does stink living here in Northern Virginia from that aspect. I found the couple of things that I needed (a thing of CAT 5e and some cable cord wall mounts to redirect cords rather than having them hanging everywhere) and I start to head home. I leave Home Depot at approximately 5:55 PM. I get in my car and carefully back out, performing a five point turn because some jack@ss in his oversized truck doesn’t know how to pull into a parking spot. I pull out of the parking lot and drive down not more than a quarter of a mile and get in the right lane to turn, maybe five yards from turning right onto a sidestreet when not one, but two cars both decided to dart across two lanes of traffic and onto the side street. I slammed on my brakes and wailed on my horn. Luckily my Maxima did her job and stopped like she’s supposed to at short distances and low speeds, but really people, what’s the deal? Do you really want to risk having an accident just to get home five minutes sooner?

[Listening to: The Rockafeller Skank – Fatboy Slim – The Rockafeller Skank – EP (6:55)]

8 thoughts on “What the heck is wrong with this place?

  1. Yeah man, what’s your problem? Don’t you want to get home five minutes earlier? You just need to preemptively cut them off first.

  2. Hmmmm… My work is 19 miles from my house. I can make it there in 15 minutes. Oh, and I can see my work from my house…. The joys of wide open space in New Mexico! (Ever feel like people are just rubbing it in?)

  3. No… I don’t think that I’ve ever felt that way… No one ever rubs anything in… especially lotion :- (I wonder what he’s thinking now…)

  4. don’t worry Mr. Dan – Officer Phillippe will be cruising the streets in God’s good timing looking out for innocent drivers like you.

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