Yahoo Mail… Flickr :-)

Now don’t get me wrong, I was happy to subscribe to Flickr when it came out as it’s a sweet product that uses some pretty sweet technology. Then there was the question of who was going to purchase them. I held my breath and hoped that Google would acquire them, adding them to their lineup of already pretty rockin’ software packages like Picasa among others, however it ended up being acquired by Yahoo. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of , I even own a Yahoo Mail account, but I guess I was hoping that the scientists and engineers of Google would have picked them up.
Nonetheless, I find it interesting that after about three months or actually I guess it may have been longer since they acquired them, that they’re starting to integrate their technology into their regular services that they provide, hence the e-mail to the right. I’m definitely happy for Yahoo to be doing this because I think it’s good to have competition which means that they’ll only push Google and others (are there really any others, I guess Snapfish and what not…) to work harder and provide more features 🙂 Nonetheless, to anyone interested, check out the PhotoMail offerings of Yahoo at — note that you have to use Internet Explorer right now to be able to use this.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Mail… Flickr :-)

  1. And how sir do you know about this new Yahoo! Mail interface? Are you talking about Oddpost? I agree that Fastmail is definitely the way that I’ll stick with 🙂 Though they don’t have key combinations do they?

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