Starbucks Free Ice Cream

It would seem that our friends at StarBucks are attempting another marketing ploy tomorrow. They’re giving away free ice cream samples, which actually now that I think about it is quite nice of them considering that most likely it’s going to be blazing hot tomorrow again (it’s 93 degrees Fahrenheit today with a heat index of 100 degrees Fahrenheit). So if anything it will be a pleasant treat — I think that Starbucks is doing this purposefully… they’re controlling the weather… Actually I guess I’m just truly amazed by the people that go into a StarBucks on a day like today and get a hot beverage to drink. Now I don’t know about you but when it’s hot and muggy outside already and I feel like my shirt and skin are one, I don’t really want to have something hot to drink… I’m more in the mood for an ice cold diet coke from a fountain drink where they know how to tweak the syrup that’s used to give an experience that is tasty and delectable. Oh and heavy on the ice, none of this German idea of soda being served with no ice. Sure, I’ll admit that when you’re going to an establishment that serves soda and they fill the cup, most likely it’s about half to two-thirds ice, but you know what, that’s fine with me. Gives me something to chew on, or gives me ice to pour another drink on top of later in the hour before the ice has melted. Right, so this brings us back to our point about StarBucks, free ice cream on the 29th of June, go get some quick before it’s all gone!

Oh and if they started offering ice cream at their stores, man that would rock! Eat your heart out Dairy Queen / Ben and Jerry’s / Baskin Robbins!

[Listening to: B.Y.O.B – System of a Down – Mezmerize (4:09)]

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