Well for those of you that don’t know, my cousin Anna is up from Atlanta interning on Capitol Hill for the summer which has presented me with the opportunity to spend time with her and in turn hang out more with my brother and his wife and my nephew Bruce…. I mean Zachary 😉 [sorry Heather]. Anna’s a rising third year (or Junior for those of you that believe that once you’re done with school you no longer learn anything) at the University of Georgia.
So this past evening we had the opportunity to go over to Fair Oaks Mall to the Build a Bear Workshop (Anna works at one in Atlanta over the Summer’s usually) to find a little something for Zachary. He made a B line straight for Elmo, his best bud and pal. So after going through and building his monster as they like to refer to these little critters we were off to Abe and Heather’s. Abe and I made a quick detour to EB Games EBX store in Fair Oaks Mall and then on the way back to his house we swung by Baja Fresh to pick up dinner.
After dinner and putting Zachary down to bed it was time for a game of Blitz, though most of you probably know of it as Nerts or something like that. It was a blast to have fresh blood playing (Anna) and definitely good times in seeing my brother actually put up some fierce competition (he’s been practicing I think). In the end though I still knocked the walls down so to speak, in the final hand I scored 23 points, going above and beyond of what I needed to finish the game, and still keeping Abe at 124 points, one short of winning 🙂 Oh what a night, how I love family.
If you’re interested in playing Blitz, check this out.

[Listening to: Radio/Video – System of a Down – Mezmerize]

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