Bodo’s Finally Opens on the Corner

When I was a student at the University of Virginia, there was always the joke about Bodo’s Bagels on the corner. The owner of the complex bought the storefront property on the Corner near other great places such as Mincer’s of Charlottesville which had attire of all types to celebrate the University; or Plan 9 music where you could get all sorts of different CDs, though my favorites were probably the used CDs section; or you could eat on the Corner Meal Plan, a great alternative to the dining halls of the University.

Nevertheless, back in 1995 when Brian Fox bought the property, he said it would open in a year (Cavalier Daily, Archives 1995). Friends that were older said that it had been there for a while and that the sign was there, but nothing more. I graduated from the University back in May of 2001 and it was starting to take shape, but still not open.

Lo and behold, it has opened and it is grrrrrrreat (think Tony the Tiger). From all accounts, it would seem as though the other Bodo’s locations quality have been duplicated here at the Corner location. This news story from the Cavalier Daily, and another news story from The Hook, both seem to have positive reviews and I’m sure that it will be a treat for returning students. New students at the University of course will be spoiled and not know what we all suffered without.

Nonetheless, I smell reunion tour… first the Tavern for some biscuits and gravy and then a walk on the lawn and a pipe smoking session on the steps of the Rotunda, followed by a bagel sandwich at Bodo’s and then a pint at O’Neill’s. Who’s with me???

[Listening to: The Magician’s Nephew (Unabridged) – C.S. Lewis – (3:56:10)]

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