Slightly dissappointed with MS SQL Server 2000 Unleashed

So a week ago under duress, I reopened my subscription to O’Reilly Publisher’s Safari Books service. I used it for the longest time at my old job until they blocked off the IP range because apparently another computer from that IP range had been infected and was a zombie and was infecting other hosts. So, sadly I cancelled my subscription, hoping one day that I might renew it and enjoy it immensely.
That day was last Wednesday after battling with a server issue for a while and Safari came to the rescue.
Nevertheless, I’m looking through a SQL Server 2000 book which I would say is really good, and I’ve been reading it online on Safari to gain a better understanding of other server technologies, but I have to say that it let me down when I was reading through the section dealing with enabling encryption between the server and the enterprise manager. It seemed very basic and trivial, and did I mention I liked the how author said that you should talk to a server administrator for more instruction. Very lame :- Anyone know of any better books on MS SQL Server that might have a little bit better information on how to get a server up and running?

[Listening to: In da Club – 50 Cent – Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (3:13)]

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