Plugged in…

Have you ever felt like you’re disconnected? That you walk around, feeling somewhat empty inside, you look around and see everyone having a good time, smiling, laughing, with what seems like no cares or worries. And then I continue to walk through crowd, observing these people and I start to wonder, “why can’t I just let go?” I ask myself this question many times… at a lunch yesterday to say good bye to two people leaving the firm for which I am a consultant a colleague looked at me and said, “You look like you have a lot on your mind… what’s up?”
These are the kind of questions that I typically have no real answer to, mostly because I don’t really know what’s going on in my mind, or my subconcious, rather that like a camera I’m taking in all the sights and sounds, conversations, information that is possible. I focus and tune everything out, only to look like a stone gargoyle on the top of a cathedral, emotionless, frozen in time. So I pose the question to those of you that read this… how can I plug myself back in?

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646 Pound Catfish Caught off Thai Coast

Well folks, it would seem that life just got interesting for fishermen off the northern coast of Thai land where a 646 pound Catfish was caught. This story from Sports Illustrated details how the fish was caught and how it’s probably the biggest fish that’s been caught in quite sometime. I’m curious if it’s a real story or if we’re just getting the tail of the story that we shall forever fathom…

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What the heck is wrong with this place?

So, I left work around 4:45 this afternoon and got to Home Depot around 5:30. Sure, I’ll admit, it stinks that it takes 45 minutes to go about 10 miles — this really does stink living here in Northern Virginia from that aspect. I found the couple of things that I needed (a thing of CAT 5e and some cable cord wall mounts to redirect cords rather than having them hanging everywhere) and I start to head home. I leave Home Depot at approximately 5:55 PM. I get in my car and carefully back out, performing a five point turn because some jack@ss in his oversized truck doesn’t know how to pull into a parking spot. I pull out of the parking lot and drive down not more than a quarter of a mile and get in the right lane to turn, maybe five yards from turning right onto a sidestreet when not one, but two cars both decided to dart across two lanes of traffic and onto the side street. I slammed on my brakes and wailed on my horn. Luckily my Maxima did her job and stopped like she’s supposed to at short distances and low speeds, but really people, what’s the deal? Do you really want to risk having an accident just to get home five minutes sooner?

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Yahoo Mail… Flickr :-)

Now don’t get me wrong, I was happy to subscribe to Flickr when it came out as it’s a sweet product that uses some pretty sweet technology. Then there was the question of who was going to purchase them. I held my breath and hoped that Google would acquire them, adding them to their lineup of already pretty rockin’ software packages like Picasa among others, however it ended up being acquired by Yahoo. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of , I even own a Yahoo Mail account, but I guess I was hoping that the scientists and engineers of Google would have picked them up.
Nonetheless, I find it interesting that after about three months or actually I guess it may have been longer since they acquired them, that they’re starting to integrate their technology into their regular services that they provide, hence the e-mail to the right. I’m definitely happy for Yahoo to be doing this because I think it’s good to have competition which means that they’ll only push Google and others (are there really any others, I guess Snapfish and what not…) to work harder and provide more features 🙂 Nonetheless, to anyone interested, check out the PhotoMail offerings of Yahoo at — note that you have to use Internet Explorer right now to be able to use this.

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Logitech to Release Bluetooth Headphones

Just a heads up that Logitech is coming out with Bluetooth Headphones that will be able to be used for their iPod. I’m curious if these will be useable with anything else — I would love to have a pair to be able to listen to stuff from my computer while I’m downstairs reading.
Nonetheless, the price is semi high right now at $149.99. Check out the news release if you’re interested — Click here.

Google Sitemaps

So I must say that I’m highly impressed as I sit here and read through blogs that have been denied their due attention when I come across something like this — Google Sitemaps (Beta). I realize that by publicisizing this that more people will go out and learn how to use it but hey, I figure that I might as well share the wealth of information. Anything to help Google go through and find content and give more control to you the webmaster in being able to configure what sections are crawled on what basis.

Starbucks Free Ice Cream

It would seem that our friends at StarBucks are attempting another marketing ploy tomorrow. They’re giving away free ice cream samples, which actually now that I think about it is quite nice of them considering that most likely it’s going to be blazing hot tomorrow again (it’s 93 degrees Fahrenheit today with a heat index of 100 degrees Fahrenheit). So if anything it will be a pleasant treat — I think that Starbucks is doing this purposefully… they’re controlling the weather… Actually I guess I’m just truly amazed by the people that go into a StarBucks on a day like today and get a hot beverage to drink. Now I don’t know about you but when it’s hot and muggy outside already and I feel like my shirt and skin are one, I don’t really want to have something hot to drink… I’m more in the mood for an ice cold diet coke from a fountain drink where they know how to tweak the syrup that’s used to give an experience that is tasty and delectable. Oh and heavy on the ice, none of this German idea of soda being served with no ice. Sure, I’ll admit that when you’re going to an establishment that serves soda and they fill the cup, most likely it’s about half to two-thirds ice, but you know what, that’s fine with me. Gives me something to chew on, or gives me ice to pour another drink on top of later in the hour before the ice has melted. Right, so this brings us back to our point about StarBucks, free ice cream on the 29th of June, go get some quick before it’s all gone!

Oh and if they started offering ice cream at their stores, man that would rock! Eat your heart out Dairy Queen / Ben and Jerry’s / Baskin Robbins!

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