Fear the Computer…

So after reading through an article titled “AI Seduces Stanford Students” on Wired.com dealing with the “chameleon effect” and how it’s possible for a public figure to mimic their movements causing the human brain to trust them more. Granted, this is something that you learn in business ettiquette classes, meet the person that you’re communicating with using the style of communication that they’re using and you’ll be able to better communicate with them and build bridges as well as be able to relieve some of the tension that might be there depending on the situation. However, I do find it concerning that mimicing gestures a short amount of time later works — I might have to try this at work 😀
Something else that was slightly disturbing was how computers are able to blend a person’s face into a public figures face. Doing this somehow tricks or persuades the human mind to trust this figure more since they see themselves in the person perhaps. I find it quite disturbing reading the statistics as to how people that were polled that saw themselves blended into another person were more trusting of those people.
Check out the full paper, it’s only 21 pages in length. Click here to get it.

[Listening to: God Put a Smile upon Your Face – Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head (4:57)]

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