Zen Neeon

Okay, so I heard about the Zen Neeon one morning before work while I was going through Bloglines reading a posting on the Register about the Creative Labs Zen Neeon. The first thing that came to mind was the Dodge Neon at which point I thought of a horn honking “beep beep”. Not a very manly beep at that though. Don’t get me wrong I’m blown away at the technological genius of the different major players (Apple, etc. ;-)). But what cracks me up is apparently you can change the backlight between seven different background colors, “to match your mood” as the site states. Oh and beyond that, check this out, it comes in “10 different brushed-metal blackplate covers.” No offense, but I like the colors that the Apple iPod come in, oh wait, white or black 😀
Get this it has a 5GB capacity, enough for 2500 songs. This is something that I don’t quite get. The Apple iPod shuffle that I’ve got can hold about 270 songs on it depending on what I throw on there. Now, it’s the gigabyte size. Let’s do the math here. 1 GB x 5 = 5 GB. Okay, hopefully you’re following me here so far. Now we take the linear relationship that we’ve just seen and apply it to the songs (no compression algorithms I know of ladies and gents)… ~270 songs x 5 = 1,350 songs. So, how is it that they’re saying 2500 songs? Are these songs that are shorter than regular? Songs that are like a minute long? Come on now Creative, do some real marketing analysis, no one listens to short songs anymore… it’s all ball bearings (name that movie).
I will give them credit that they’re able to squeeze 16 hours of battery life out of their Neeon (beep beep), but I still think that the design could be better, it looks almost like the size of an old Nokia cell phone.
Oh but wait, a couple of slides in they mention how it is “Faster and easier than ever. Playing your songs that is. Thoughtfully located on the Zen Neeon’s side, the scroll-wheel lets you select and scroll single handedly…” Now, I hate to break it to you, but I can navigate my iPod 20 GB regular and my iPod Shuffle single handedly. Take that Creative! 😀
Beware the Charisma of the Zen Neeon, it might just draw you in and make you love it, even if it’s of a different political party 😉 Viva Las iPod!

[Listening to: Heaven – Live – Birds of Pray (3:49)]


2 thoughts on “Zen Neeon

  1. umm ur dumb im 15 and it can hold 2500 songs at 138kbps wma dummy wow ur stupid seriously LMAOO SHORT SONGS ok no

  2. Thanks for informing me of my stupidity 🙂 When you figure out Schroedinger’s Equation in radial coordinates for Helium let me know and then you can call me dumb 🙂

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