Microsoft Windows OneCare

Are you tired of spending time trying to protect and maintain your computer? Are you worried that you’re still not doing everything you should to keep it safe and running at optimal performance?
The above is taken from Microsoft’s One Care product that they’re looking to go Beta sometime soon. It looks very similar to the antispyware product that they pushed out the door about 8 months ago (has it really been that long?) — basically purchased another company, rebranded and retooled to work a little better with Windows. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think it’s good that they’re going and putting together a tool like this, but it just seems funny in a sense. I guess they’re copying the Macintosh product model in that they develop the apps and the oe/os.
I guess for me though, reading through the first paragraph I just scratched my head and laughed because they’re basically saying, “Hi, we think you’re incompetant and we’re tired of being sued, so will you pay us to take care of your computer for you? Thanks.”
I think I’ll stick with Symantec and Zonelabs for my personal security thanks.


One thought on “Microsoft Windows OneCare

  1. To answer their questions: “Yes!” So my next PC, and this is tough for me to spit out, having been a loyal MS fan for many years, will be a Mac. The last time I loaded Win XP on my big computer, I spent 4 hours installing and configuring software, plugged in the DSL line, and in the 6 minutes it took me to download the IE6 update, I got hit with a Trojan. I’m about done with all of that, thanks… : /

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