Have you ever wondered what’s in the water that people drink?

Maybe it’s me getting older. Maybe it’s just that I’m tired after pulling a 12 hour day. Maybe it’s the fact that students are over at the house playing X-box on a Friday night and are annoying the hell out of me right now, eating my pizza… my precious…
Nonetheless, I won’t deny that I’m a Mac enthusiast, reading ThinkSecret among other Mac sites which show some pretty cool concept art and other interesting information ranging from the way that the UI is to the way that the dual core processors could eat Intel for breakfast every morning. But I do have to say that occassionally someone posts something that is truly ridiculous. For instance, Macintosh was recently granted a patent for a Tablet PC. This article in MacObserver shows some rather interesting design diagrams that are highly detailed (cough cough) that show what the Tablet PC looks like. Honestly to me it looks like an Etch-A-Sketch. But that’s just me. Maybe I’m just having a bad day, eh? Nonetheless, you decide, check out the two links 🙂


One thought on “Have you ever wondered what’s in the water that people drink?

  1. freakin kids…what are you gonna do with them…

    gosh…what makes them think they can just COME over there at all times of the night and play XBOX of all things…sheesh.

    hey man…at least i ask before i eat…and XBOX just gives me a headache…unless it’s tetris…then it’s domination time baby!

    alright that was random…hope you find a way to block out those irritants! Think how often He gets annoyed with us.

    Later yo,

    Lauren <><

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