The Everglow

Are you looking for something new and fresh? Something metalic, electronic, old school, new school, hard rock, punk, drummer’s paradise? Then look no further than Mae’s The Everglow album. I had never heard of the group, but received an e-mail from a friend who is an incredible guitarist.
So what did I do? Did I run down to Borders? Over to Tower Records? Did I order it on Amazon? Nope… I went and used my good ole trusty iTunes account and quickly burnt a copy so that I could listen to it while on my way into work tomorrow morning. It’s also on my iPod Shuffle for when I’m walking around the office and don’t feel like logging into Rhapsody or if I should find myself somewhere where there’s no network connectivity (say it ain’t so!!!).
Other albums that might be of interest to you would be:

[Listening to: We’re So Far Away – Mae – The Everglow (3:50)]

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