Binary to Text Conversion Utility

Okay, so I’ll admit, I do some odd things from time to time when I’m not working or hanging out with friends or sleeping. So I came across this page after a little bit of searching around.
Binary to Text Conversion
I have to admit that it’s a pretty slick site and there’s even a secret message from Little Orphan Annie (for all of you that don’t know about Little Orphan Annie I think you might need a remedial viewing of A Christmas Story). Check it out and have fun 🙂

[Listening to: Breakdown – Mae – The Everglow (4:14)]

2 thoughts on “Binary to Text Conversion Utility

  1. 010000100110111101101111011001110110000100101100

  2. 01011001011100100110011100100111011001100010000001100110011100100111001000100000011101100111001100100000011011000110001001101000001000000111000001101110011000010010000001110011011101100111010001101000011001010111001000100000011001110111010101110110011001100010000001100010011010000110011100101110

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